February 4, 2021
7:00 pm


… with Gordie Sutherland from Eat in Style. A feast for game lovers with modern dishes full of earthy flavours and rich wines to match.

Our inaugural Grape and Graze evening comes in time to showcase one of the most celebrated elements of the British Winter table – Game.

Gordie Sutherland from Eat in Style joins us at MM to present his wonderful food from the larder of the countryside. With many ingredients he has personally harvested, he uses the bounty of the land in modern, exciting dishes where the rich earthy flavours are given a new lightness that will appeal to every palate. Gordie’s passion for these ingredients shines through his exquisite menu. Just read it…read it now!

Jamie ‘The Wine Guy’ has dug deep with some extraordinary matches; including a perfumed, crunchy Beaujolais; an ashamedly modern, fruit-driven Rioja; a sensuous German Pinot Noir and a decidedly decadent Tokaji from Hungary. These wines are all from boutique estates and made by winemakers who are united in their mission to let the unique idiosyncrasies of their individual vineyards shine through in every glass.

Game On Menu