The proprietor of Marshwood Manor undertakes to provide the accommodation that has been booked by the customer in a clean and well presented condition with all of the facilities provided as described on our website, or any additional facilities as described in particular emails where special arrangements have been made. In the event of the failure of the proprietor of Marshwood Manor to provide the accommodation or any of its particular facilities due to any circumstances which even with best effort cannot render the property or its facilities safe and usable for the enjoyment of the holiday, the repayment to the customer will not in any circumstances be in excess of the total of all payments received.

The booking of a property at Marshwood Manor will be made in one name, this person, who must be over 18 years at the time of booking, will hereafter be termed “the lead member”. The lead member agrees to provide their full name and residential address at the time of booking. The lead member will on request, prior to arrival, provide the management of Marshwood Manor with the details of other members of the holiday party who will be joining them, and provide their dates of birth if under 18. The lead member will take full responsibility for the booking and its payments, in agreeing to these terms he/she will be fully liable for the payment of the total cost of the booking regardless of whether the holiday stay is deemed to have taken place.

The initial payment of 30% of the total holiday cost must be received by Marshwood Manor before the booking is considered to have been made between Marshwood Manor, and the lead member of the holiday party.

The lead member agrees to pay the remaining balance on or before a date 2 calendar months prior to the start date of the holiday. If Marshwood Manor does not receive the remaining balance by the agreed date, or if payment methods fail to deliver the monies due to us reasonable attempts will be made to contact the customer for a period of two weeks from the date the monies became due, after which the holiday will be deemed to have been cancelled by the customer, and Marshwood Manor will reserve the right to sell the holiday to others, and retain all monies received.

The lead member agrees that the cottage will be occupied by only the stated number agreed at the time of booking, also that the number of agreed pets that may occupy the property is not exceeded, and that no attempt will be made to sublet or in any way exceed the agreed numbers of persons or pets at any time during the occupation of the property. Extra sleeping materials may not be brought into the property with the purpose of accommodating extra guests beyond the number agreed.

The price quoted on the website is an indication only. Upon making a booking via the website, a pending booking receipt will be issued to confirm a booking request has been issued. This will be followed by an email from the proprietor to confirm the final price which must be agreed with the proprietor before a booking may take place. The final agreed price for the cottage holiday is an inclusive price for the use of the accommodation and on site facilities stated, with the reasonable use of electricity and mains water for the enjoyment of the property. Whilst electricity is not restricted, it is expected that windows are kept closed in cold weather when heating is running, lights should be turned off when the cottage is not occupied to prevent waste, with the exception of lighting used to enable safe access on return to the property. Consideration should be given to the waste of water which is metered.

Linen is provided and all of the beds in the property will be made ready before arrival. We do not use any feather items, our pillows are loose fibre and, along with the duvets, are regularly laundered to prevent allergens. Bath towels are provided and are lent on the understanding that they are not taken outside of the holiday cottage. Beach towels can be hired for a small fee on request.

Visitors are agreeing not to launder our items with their own items to prevent discolouration . We reserve the right to charge for damaged items that are rendered unfit for purpose. This includes mattresses or other items that have been water damaged, and dried out.

The lead member agrees to remain on site for the duration of the holiday. In the unusual event the designated lead member of the party has to cut short their occupation of the property all members of the party must also leave the site. Another adult in the party may take over this responsibility, but only after agreement with Marshwood Manor staff.

A lead member may take responsibility for more than one cottage. In agreeing to the terms and conditions he/she also agrees that none of the cottages may at any time be assigned to any group not containing an adult.

On taking the keys to the property/properties the lead member of the party accepts responsibility for the return of any keys received and accepts liability for damage to the goods provided in the property/properties, and elsewhere on site, and agrees that invoices for replacement keys, or damaged goods requiring replacement will be paid by them at the end of the stay. This includes soiled or damaged goods which are discovered by the owner after the party has left the site. A maximum of one item, replacement value of less than £10 which has been accidentally damaged by the party will not normally be charged.

The owner undertakes to remain contactable (excluding failure of mobile telephone network coverage) and to mend or replace items that fail during the visitors occupation of the property as soon as is practicable, allowing for the availability of the parts or product concerned, and also for the existing schedules of the tradesmen concerned, who will be hired solely by the owner. Visitors will be liable for damage caused by inappropriate use of equipment. Visitors may not disassemble or otherwise break into items in an attempt to repair them. The full cost of repair or replacement will then apply to the lead member of the party.


Cancellation of the holiday by the owner of Marshwood Manor; In the unlikely event that the owner of Marshwood Manor has to withdraw the holiday offered the monies received will be returned to the customer. The refund offered will at no time be in excess of the total of all monies received from the customer.

Cancellation by the customer of Marshwood Manor of the original booking, and the selection of an alternative available holiday at Marshwood Manor; It may be agreed that, only when the start date of the original holiday chosen is more than two calendar months from the cancellation date, or that at the sole discretion of the owner of Marshwood Manor an alternative arrangement is agreeable, that an alternative holiday can be substituted. The original payment in this case will be applied to the new booking, and the balance of the full cost of the new booking will become due 2 calendar months prior to the new holiday start date.

Complete cancellation of the holiday by the customer of Marshwood Manor; Where the period between written or emailed cancellation being received by Marshwood Manor and the start date of the holiday is greater than two months the initial instalment of 30% of the total cost of the holiday will be retained. Where the period between written or emailed cancellation being received by Marshwood Manor and the start date of the holiday is less than two months all money paid will be retained by Marshwood Manor, and the lead member of the party will remain liable for the full holiday balance even if he/she chooses not to take up the holiday booked.

Currently Marshwood Manor does not offer, or include a charge for holiday cancellation insurance. The responsibility for arranging any holiday or holiday cancellation insurance lies with the lead member, and their guests. When a firm booking has been made with Marshwood Manor, i.e. the initial instalment has been received, and the payment has been credited to the account of Marshwood Manor, the lead member, and any member of their party will have agreed to the terms set out in this document, and is stating that they have read and understood them, and is agreeing to be bound by them.

Tickets sold for Events are sold on a non refundable basis unless stated otherwise.

Marshwood Manor is owned and run by Romla Ryan who operates as a sole trader. Marshwood Manor is registered for Value Added Tax, which is charged at the current applicable rate when booking.