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The owner of Marshwood Manor and the person you will most likely meet when you come for a viewing. Marshwood Manor as a venue was born from Romla’s vision to build a sustainable, unique, relaxed, elegant and welcoming environment where couples, their friends, families and dogs can make memories to last a lifetime. Romla particularly loves that no two weddings at Marshwood Manor are the same and she is always excited to see what ideas the couples bring to the venue. Marshwood Manor is Romla’s home and she is delighted to share it with people on one of the happiest occasions of their lives.





As head of PR and Marketing, Grazyna’s main work takes place behind the scenes, which is a shame because she is one of the most glamorous and stylish women in the wedding industry. Fortunately, her sense of style and flair for design are not wasted since she also runs the co-ordination of our elopement weddings. Like the other women at MM, she brings dynamism, enthusiasm, and drive to every aspect of her work and helps make the team the force that it is and your wedding so special.



The beating heart of Marshwood Manor, Jo is unstoppable, unflappable and perhaps the hardest-working woman in Dorset. As Head of Housekeeping she oversees a great team who ensure your wedding accommodation and the beautiful indoor spaces are always presented at the highest standard. She is a dynamo problem solver who can smooth out any wrinkle for suppliers and guests alike. We could not exist at the level we do without her.

Our superb bar manager who will be guiding our couples through all things drinks. Chloe came to model as a bride on our first ever photo shoot and art shall become life when Chloe and her fiancé get married at Marshwood Manor for real! She reigns supreme in the bar, making all our couples’ days as perfect as can be. Professional, fun, calm, and super-organised, she is a cornerstone of the Marshwood Manor wedding team.


At Marshwood Manor we believe it is your wedding and you should be able to choose any suppliers you wish. We also realise that, if you are not local to the area, you may wish for some guidance on choosing your suppliers. Below are some of the lovely people we have worked with recently and whom we feel we can wholeheartedly recommend to our couples.

Lotus Photography UK 20220507 Gabbi & Piers Marshwood Manor Wedding Bridport Dorset 185 WM
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