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Marshwood Manor is a wedding venue with Victorian grandeur and a modern vibe. We pride ourselves on being unique, and if you come to look around you’ll see we have created a venue unlike any other. These are our watchwords...

EXCLUSIVITY & INCLUSIVITY - A wedding at Marshwood Manor is exclusive in every way. We limit the number of weddings here each year. We never hold more than one wedding per week to ensure we have the time to fully prepare the whole estate for the needs of each couple. For the 3 days of the wedding, the estate is yours, with no outside visitors allowed on site. We actively welcome and support couples from all cultures and ethnicities and pride ourselves on being a stand-out venue for the LGBTQ+ community.

SUSTAINABILITY & HERITAGE- We love the links to the past that are everywhere on the estate from Victorian brickwork & Georgian oaks to ancient woodland & prehistoric fossils. We add a modern approach to business with eco-consciousness and sustainability playing a part in every decision we make. Please ask us more and we will explain all the ways we put this ethos into practice.

ELEGANCE & MAGIC- We believe our greatest appeal as a venue is our balance of the timeless elegance found in Marshwood Manor's buildings & landscaping combined with the relaxed & welcoming ambiance supplied by the Natural world at the heart of the estate. Added to that there is a last ingredient... magic. You can feel it when you sit in the bower, when you walk the woodland paths, when you drag your hand through the grass of the meadow, or watch the sun set over the vale. Don't believe us? Just scroll the gallery below and see for yourself...

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